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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ames Avenue Resident Requests
Car Access to Property on Ames

The owner of the red cottage at the northeast corner of Genesee and Ames Avenues, brought her property access concerns to the SLI Trustees at this morning's monthly meeting held at Hoag Memorial's first floor meeting room. Carol Connolly, accompanied by her granddaughter, explained the hardship that would be created if she were not able to access--by car--her second cottage located right door on Ames. She hopes eventually to make the second cottage her home and turn the first cottage over to another grandchild. She spends the hardest parts of winter down South.

The Board was receptive to her stated concern and assured her that her automotive access to her second property would be taken into serious consideration in the project planning. This creates an exciting new chapter in the Ames Avenue story. The Long Range Planning Committee (LRP) will now begin a more creative analysis on how to provide for the needs of Ames Ave. residents, while also providing a safe pedestrian walkway between Burt Park and Epworth Hall.

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