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Friday, June 23, 2017

Ames Ave. Unchanged for July 1, 2017: Walking Path Still Main Purpose with One Car Parking for Each Cottage

Above is a photo of Ames Avenue taken from Burt Park looking south on Ames, circa 1920. Note the post installed in the center of Ames at this north end with Genesee and the two posts at the far south end near Epworth Hall. The posts were there to block both wagons and motor vehicles from entering Ames and remained up until circa 1985. Ames was one of the famous tree-lined avenues and the two lines of trees were within the Assembly/Institute grounds' right of way.
Residents of Ames Avenue look fondly at the 1980s when the 113-year prohibition against vehicles on Ames Ave. was finally modified to allow for one car parking for each cottage actually in need of it, as long as the parked car did not infringe upon the walkway for the pedestrians. In the early days, the vehicles were identified as horse-drawn wagons but the Rule Book was updated to include motor vehicles. The current beautification project of Ames is under the auspices of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC).

Point 1 - This continuing of the original walkway, and the added provision of allowing one car parking for those in need of a parking slot, does not change or alter in any way the related priority for pedestrians and for parking added in the 1980s.

Point 2 - LRPC will be asking the Grounds Committee to increase the lawn mowing of all of Ames except where cars are parked which means a minimum of 4.5 feet of walkway--and much more consistently than was taking place last year. A special effort is being made to get pedestrians off of the curves of Perry Ave. which was never designed for pedestrian traffic.

Point 3 - If you should discover a shortage of footage for parking, let the LRPC know so they can help you re-measure and help you figure out where the footage went. Knowing that will help the LRPC come up with a solution to the problem. Use my contact info. which is (585) 444-7384 or greg@silverlakenynews.blog.

Because Ames Avenue was never paved in any way during its 145 year history, it was somewhat easy for residents to make assumptions about where their property ended and where the lines of Ames Avenue actually were. If you are able to measure an uninterrupted 16.5-feet from your property line across Ames Ave. and have your measurement end at the property line of the next property, you are in an excellent position for continuing entitlement to the full 10-feet (plus 2 feet of buffer) for your parking slot. 

If you are unable to find the 16.5 feet of Ames Ave., there obviously is a problem and it will need to be researched. The LRPC is not necessarily looking to clarify lot and street lines, so if you are not in need of a parking slot on Ames Ave., then you do not have to be concerned about where the lot lines are; the walking path will simply be mapped to the center of Ames Ave.

The LRPC asks that you help them by parking in a position closest to your cottage. This, then, will not obstruct the minimum 4.5 feet of walking path, and will enable the Groundsman to mow the walking path regularly. Thank you.

This article is an historically based writing and does not, at this point, suggest any new or re-newed official action has taken place--it has not. Quite the opposite: With the Season-Starting July 1st, we felt it only appropriate to write about the absence of anything new for Ames Ave. Those unacquainted with Institute history, may think some of what they are reading is new. We are, however, merely explaining the history of where we are currently at and how we got here. Additional sources include former SLI Board President Paul Penner and former SLI Superintendent Bob Murphy.

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