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Sunday, June 25, 2017

7 Days to Cafe, Board, SLI Store;
8 Days to Opening Service, Hot Dogs

Many of us have worked hard ever since the close of last Season, and in many ways, it's hard to believe that the 2017 Season is actually upon us. Seven days from now (Saturday) is our first of the Season Breakfast Cafes for SLI residents. This one is a "Meet and Greet" your representatives on the Board of Trustees and is being put on by Bill and Kathy Schaefer, and Pete and Linda Mairs. Come and get it while it's hot, starting at 8 am and wrapping up at 10 am at Stoody Hall.

Then the monthly Board of Trustees has its July 1st meeting at 10 am in Epworth Hall. Visitors are welcome. We hope to be getting a Nominations Report to see who will be running the following Saturday at the Annual Meeting and Election.

The Annual One-Day SLI STORE will open at 12 Noon at Hoag Memorial's main floor and run through 5 pm. It's your one stop shop for the Season's needs--look what's available:

  • Garbage stickers (SLI residents)
  • Flares for Ring of Fire (Tract residents)
  • SLA memberships and directories (Lake residents)
  • SLE registration (general public)
  • SLI & SLE logo apparel and gifts (general public)
  • Golf tournament registration (general public)
  • July 9th chicken BBQ tickets for Epworth Roof fund raiser(general public)
  • SLE Volunteer sign-up (SLI residents)
Eight days from today is the annual Kickoff Worship Service held at the Wesley and Lakeview Big Blue Dock at 10:30 am with Guest Speaker, (the Rev.) Gail M. Lewis. You won't want to miss her! The Service is followed by the Hot Dog Fellowship right then and right there, just as soon as President Bill Schaefer bangs his opening gavel, symbolically opening the 2017 Season!

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