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Thursday, June 22, 2017

114 Attend Brad Hennig Funeral Service, Luncheon; Substantial
Group also at Cemetery

Response to the Hennig funeral was large and filled with friends and relatives who, at some point in their lives had been touched by Brad's generosity, kindness, and excitement for living. The day was filled with warm thoughts, robust hugs, and interesting stories. The Rev. Dr. Doug Wilson officiated at the funeral service and cemetery, and SLI Chaplain, the Rev. Greg Franklin prayed for those present at the funeral luncheon. Best wishes to Brad's son, Evan, who graduates from High School tomorrow, June 23, 2017.

The centerpieces were planted Geraniums with photos taken by Brad and attached unto table holders by Kathy Schaefer.

Two Buffet Tables

Looking toward north wall in Epworth.

Looking toward the west wall in Epworth.

New brick for Heritage Walkway sits in front
of Lisa Hennig's place setting at the Luncheon.


  1. Greg.

    When I walked in to Epworth Hall yesterday morning with my salad I was amazed at how beautiful the entire building looked. Thanks to Kathy and Bill Schaefer for the inspiration and to the many folks who worked together to make this happen for Lisa and family.

    Ray and Joan

  2. I also am grateful to the Schaefers for organizing the many, many volunteers who helped bring about this gracious and generous ministry to the Hennig family. Many thanks to each and every one!


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