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Friday, May 5, 2017

Speed Limit Increased to 25 mph on Perry Avenue by the Town of Castile

Two weeks ago, we ran a headline which read, "School Bus Stop at Perry and Haven Avenues More Dangerous at 20 mph." We were pointing out that the speed limit traveling north on Perry Ave. was 20 mph while the speed limit traveling south on Perry Ave. was 15 mph and that those coming up at 20 mph were confronted somewhat unexpectedly with a school bus stop at Perry and Haven. We were in favor of the 15 mph for all of Perry Ave. which would be the same as all other roads in the Institute.

Little did we imagine that the Town of Castile would be coming through less than two weeks later and increasing the speed limit. Traveling north, the increase is only 5 mph but those traveling south, the increase is a 10 mph increase. Now, rather than vehicles encountering the school bus stop at 20 mph, there will encounter it at 25 mph. But let's face it, we would be lucky if 20-25 mph were the real speed being traveled, but unfortunately, Perry Avenue is used as a thoroughfare with travelers just trying to get where there're going without regard to the elderly or for the children playing both in the Park and in the streets.

For safety sake, perhaps residents have to make their wishes known both to the SLI Board and the Town Board.

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