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Monday, May 22, 2017

Some of the Messiest Residential Locations Showing Signs of New Life; Storage of Vehicles Still Not Permitted

The rest of the property was cleaned up, but just like the use of a broom, it winds up in a dirty, messy pile until the dirty pile is finally removed.

While these two scenes on Janes Ave. near Hamline make the situation appear desperate, the owner has been working diligently on a daily basis to get the property cleaned up. Previously, the "junk" was strewn over the approximate 8 to 10 lots that make up this estate. The owner has now managed to get the larger area cleaned up and this is just the stacking of materials at farthest most point in the property for disposal. After the "junk" is cleared away or put away, there appears to be additional work in the area of painting or other type of touch-up. We of course will be keeping on eye on how expeditiously the remaining work is accomplished. In the meantime, we thank him for the hard work he has been putting into it.

However, this property owner has ongoing violations of Institute rules in terms of the storage of vehicles on the property other than duly licensed and regularly used cars. The vehicle drawing the most residential complaints is this commercial vehicle below sitting on his property about 10 feet from the edge of Janes Avenue:

Prior to its current location, it used to sit in the front yard of 72 Janes Avenue which is diagonally across the street. Complaints, at that time, caused the owner to move the vehicle onto his own property; 2017, however, makes it the second year that this vehicle has been standing around in violation of the Blue Book.

Then, there is the second violation with yet another parked and unused vehicle as shown below as seen from Haven Avenue:
The same vehicle (above) is shown below as it is seen from Genesee Avenue and from the backyards of the Genesee Avenue neighbors:
Some residents--with the exception of his closest neighbors--say it is overdue for a penalty fine.

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