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Monday, May 22, 2017

Residents Getting Busy with Spring Cleanup, Fix-up, Paint-up:
More Inspiring Photos

Look at the beautiful new Victorian-post porches which were just recently completed. The porches were held up with jacks for most of the winter because this was one of the projects which Brad Hennig was working on before he was hospitalized and treated for his cancer. He actually felt good enough this Spring to supervise and help in the finishing of this beautiful project. This cottage sits on the corner of Genesee and Carlton Avenues, diagonally across the street from Park Avenue and next door to the Schiskes' (who are on the corner of Genesee and Perry Avenues). Thanks also to Brad for starting up the water supply to a number of un-winterized cottages for Spring and Summer use this year!

Castile Water Replaces Wooden Stakes
With New, Flexible Metal Ones to
Improve Appearance of Locators

Jake was spotted on Saturday with a helper removing all the SLI's wooden stakes that were placed next to water hydrants for the purpose of locating them in the winter snows, with brand new, shiny flexible metal ones. Now we just need a little green paint on the top of those hydrants!

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