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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Just One Week Away from
The Memorial Day Weekend

Almost hard to believe that we are in the closing weeks of the Institute's Off Season, and that there is only one week remaining before the Memorial Day holiday Weekend. This should be the first of several exciting seasons where the new emphasis of cleanup, fix-up, and beautify our SLI neighborhoods is taking on serious emphasis--and not at all too soon.

Ellis painting reports a number of SLI cottages are on his short- and long-range schedule for complete paint jobs--one beginning this week. The two Arbors for the revitalized Ames Avenue Footpath were approved in principle earlier this month and if the funds come in as verbally indicated, a final approval may be on the horizon for the Saturday, June 3rd meeting of the Trustees. The SLI community is getting excited as a renewed sense of pride is beginning to sweep over the SLI grounds.

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