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Thursday, May 18, 2017

SLI Meadow, a Serene Beautiful Place;
SLI 'Dump' is Modern, Clean, Organized
But We Do Have a Dumper(s) Problem

For those unacquainted with the SLI Meadow and SLI Dump, this circa 1900 map below shows the position of the area back when the Meadow was the Athletic Field toward the North (left), and the Dump heads off toward the East by staying on the road.
KEY: Black Print - original circa 1900 map. Blue Print - Updates 2017.
Wesley Ave. becomes Wesley Road as it crosses Thompson Ave. moving east (top).
An updated satellite view of the North and East ends of the Institute include the top-down view of the meadow, the dump, and the surrounding forest.
I asked our hard working president of SLI to give us a summary of the Dump and its operation. He did a concise yet comprehensive description when he said, 

"In the dump there is a pile of leaves for composting. There is a pile of wood chips from tree branches. There is a pile of scrap metal. There is two dumpsters that are locked for Dan to use for weekly collection. If residents want to take loose leaves to the dump it shouldn't be a problem but [residents] should communicate with Dan." Dan is SLI's Groundsman and has charge of the Shop-Garage-Office, the Meadow and Dump, snow plowing, lawn mowing, bush clipping, maintenance, repair, logistics, and the opening and closing of SLI buildings at the opening and closing of the Season.

Groundsman Dan can be contacted at the Shop-Garage during the week, at work sights throughout the grounds, Mondays at the Office from 3 to 5 p.m. and during working hours, Dan can be reached at SLI cell (585) 322-3896. Dan is allowed compensatory time off because he is called in to provide help on many of his off days and hours. Dan keeps the Dump cleaned and organized but it requires complete residential cooperation. The Dump is inspected by the NYS DEC. Please help Dan and the SLI by following the rules and coordinating with Dan.

This writer visited the Meadow and the Dump this week and found both to be in "beautiful" shape. Turning my camera on the Meadow from the road, this is what I saw:
Reminds me of the 'Tree of Life' in the Garden of Eden . . .

I simply had to get a closeup of that beautiful tree at the far end of the Meadow and here it is:
It's gorgeous acreage; the area would make a beautiful Picnic Grove and/or outdoor worship or meditation area.

In contrast, we turn our attention to the Dump area. It is an area kept very clean and organized, but also abused by either persons coming in from outside the grounds or a few uncaring residents. At the entrance way to the Dump, we are greeted with this sign:
No sooner than we finish reading the sign, we see the irony of people who either are unable or unwilling to read, or who simply do not understand or care to understand. Here is the visual irony:
That's Dumper Problem #1 (tires).

Dumper Problem #2 involves the dumping of computerized, digitized, and ionized electronics equipment. Computers, TVs, radios, record or disk players, tape recorders, microwaves, telephones, old electronics with tubes/diodes, including any product with a digital mini computer inside it. These must be disposed of at special County-sponsored collection events, often co-sponsored by non-profit groups. Either click on "Electronics Disposal" tab above, or click HERE.

Besides the obvious violation of tires, this is also what provoked our concerns:
 Air Conditioner (center left) is not "scrap metal" and DOES contain electronics. Neither is a TV "scrap metal" and also contains electronics.

Microwave (center) is not "scrap metal" and DOES contain electronics;
sharp-edged glass (lower right) are also seen in this scrap metal pile.

I am wondering if a more detailed sign might help, or perhaps a more detailed sign also placed near the entrance at Wesley and Thompson, urging people to turn back if they had intended on dropping off materials in violation of NYS DEC. Another option is a motion-activated camera that would record who the depositors are and their license plates or golf carts, along with established and posted penalties. Without penalties, those who intentionally violate or those who simply do not care, will have no motivation whatsoever to abide by State and community norms. I would like to see penalties with some form of teeth in them that would be imposed before they die or move away unscathed. 

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