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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

First of 2 Big Holiday Weekends
Present Challenges to SLI's
Limited Space, Services

The Silver Lake Institute's street capacity and budget plan are geared for local residents and their guests. Holidays sometimes give the illusion that most regular rules are up for grabs because of the day or weekend being "special." This is not true and never has been. The Institute throws open its "doors" for the wider community Thursday evenings (Epworth), Sunday mornings (Dock or Epworth), Saturday afternoons (Hoag Art Gallery) and other specially advertised events including the biennial Silver Lake Experience (this year Aug. 10-13).

The SLI and the Asbury grounds are not open to the general public on the Memorial Day Weekend nor on the Independence Day Weekend (this year July 1-4) except for the Children's Bicycle Parade and related events; and the Season Kickoff Worship Service at the SLI Dock on Sunday, July 2 at 10:30 a.m., corner Wesley and Lakeview. A very special and warm welcome is extended to the Silver Lake Community to join us in the Kickoff Service on July 2.

Residents, guests, and visitors are subject to all State and Local laws including:
  1. All Stop Signs must be strictly observed and full stops completed; Maximum Speed on Perry Ave. is 25 mph, while all other SLI streets are 15 mph. Residents with cameras can be helpful by taking photos of license plates for submission to the Sheriff.
  2. No open or closed containers of alcohol are permitted outdoors on the Institute grounds which includes the marina and waterfront slips and general waterfront green area; 
  3. No smoking outdoors within 50 feet of another person, group, or building;
  4. The noise curfew which is in effect from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.; and 
  5. No dumping of illegal products such as TVs, Radios, phones, dishwashers, microwaves, computers, printers, scanners, or any product with a miniaturized CPU or digitized mechanism at the SLI Dump . . . .
Persons with I.D. proof of residency or SLI property ownership must be present to make a dump deposit at the SLI Dump. Guests, Visitors, or other unknown persons without residential I.D. are not permitted use of the SLI Dump under any circumstances whether or not an attendant or guard is present at the time of your arrival. When the chain is across the entrance, the dump is closed.

All residents are empowered to check I.D.s and definitely encouraged to help keep these rules strictly enforced. Residents seeking to submit a violation report should have the license plate number of the vehicle whose driver or passenger is performing the violation, or the violator's NYS Driver's License number (if you requested it) as part of your report submission. Submit to either the Office Mail Slot, 46 Wesley at Janes; or email to: silverlakeinstitute@frontier.com.


  1. Encouraging residents to check I.D. is not only bad advice, it is also illegal. Only law enforcement can require someone to identify themselves. There is no such thing as Citizens Arrest in New York State. All you are doing is putting yourself in a position to be assaulted by someone.

  2. Perhaps we need a seminar on what precisely the legal rights of private property owners are in NY State, to include private properties owned jointly such as the Institute model.


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