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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Excitement Building for Renewed Sailing Club; Email from Jim Aker

Another sailing season looms ahead. I hope I did not forget anyone on this e mail. I know Jeff has a hard time with his e mail so I will personally call him. By the way I believe he is ready for the launching. I thought I would get an e mail out so everyone starts to think about sailing a bit. I believe we all start to open the cottages around Memorial day so I guess that starts our season too.
What thoughts do all of you have on how we should get organized for the summer? If you could give it some thought and copy everyone on your ideas and email them out, might be a good way to start some conversation. I am in favor of Saturday morning 9-12 to be our time on the lake and maybe one evening as well. I know Mick suggested last year a night/moon light cruising event may be fun. Take a few days and get your thoughts out to everyone soon.
I asked the reporter for the Warsaw paper if she would be interested in another update /article to write up. She was excited about helping us out and maybe showing up to take pictures and a cruise. More to follow on that later.
My main goal this year is to reach out to as many people as possible to join the Silver Lake Sailing Club. Seasoned sailors, newbie’s, past sailor’s who sailed here before etc. So if you know anyone who might be interested let’s reach out and invite them to join us. I would like to see 5 new boats/members by the end of the year participating. The kids need to learn too, keep them in mind …. Comments please!
I spoke with Rick at the club he is more than willing to help us in anyway, "the club is open to us." There are slips available. Looking forward to hearing from everyone soon.  Jim Aker

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