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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Epworth Hall's New
Outdoor Summer Stairway
Slowly Coming to Completion

Epworth Hall is on the far left and the new stairway is in the foreground. The photo was taken from Hill Bottom upwards.

Epworth Hall is in the background (center) of the photo on the left with
the new stairway in the foreground. Epworth Hall, in the photo
on the right, is shown at the extreme right with the
new stairway immediately south of it.

This new project of a gentle stairway up the Epworth Hill from the Ames Avenue level up to the Epworth Hall ramp level is another piece of the puzzle that will enable walkers to have a safer and more enjoyable walking experience to and from Epworth Hall and the residential areas around Burt Park.

The idea came to members of the Silver Lake Experience 2017 Planning Committee as they observed a new lighted ramp outside of Koinonia Inn tying together the upper and lower levels of Koinonia by another means other than the internal building stairs.

The idea, of course, was not a new one; others had thought of it each time they struggled up or down the Epworth Hill and particularly when the grass was wet and slippery. The Koinonia project helped our folks to visualize the Epworth project more easily. Our thanks to the SLI Trustee Board and Groundsman Dan Dake, for providing the means of getting this accomplished for the beginning of our 2017 Season!

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