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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Proposed Motion for Possible Use
At this Saturday's SLI Board Meeting
Returning Ames Av.to Pedestrian Use

UPDATE -- The following motion was not placed on the Board agenda, following a hearing of residents' concerns. #1 of the motion will have to be modified to include residents' concerns and accommodate their needs.

A motion is being provided early for study by Board Members and Visitors for possible use by any Board member who may wish to propose it as his or her own, as is, or after amended:

"A motion to:

1. Reaffirm Ames Avenue being returned to a permanent pedestrian walkway as of July 1, 2017; 

2. Ask the LRP Committee to meet, exchange ideas, develop a plan, and arrange for adequate funding of a plan to grade, improve, and potentially beautify Ames Avenue as an enjoyable walkway;

3. Authorize:

(1) contact be made with those currently using Ames Ave. for parking;

(2) Groundsman trim bushes overhanging Ames walkway, clear all debris, and lawn-mow entire Ames Ave.; level up car ruts with gravel and mulch;

(3) Lawn Signs be prepared for use at least during the time that the LRP Committee is developing this project to a perfected and Board-approved proposal;

(4) Lawn Signs to resemble the sample and financing provided by G. Franklin which include the words "Ames Avenue is for Pedestrians Only . . . Effective Date: July 1, 2017;"

(5) Groundsman to install said signs at both ends of Ames Ave. and at both sides of the Ames-Haven intersection and both sides of the Ames-Hamline intersection at a distance of at least 24 inches away from the asphalt pavement; placement of lawn sign at the Epworth side of Ames to be located between the first two trees north/northeast of Perry Ave."

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