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Sunday, April 2, 2017

SLI Board's Road Paving Plan includes Filling-in Perry Ave. Ditch with Pipe

The SLI Board's long term road paving plan is paying off. Each year several Institute neighborhoods find themselves on the calendar for a brand new, 3-inch layer of new side road. This year the road plan will include laying drain pipe and filling in the Perry Ave. drainage ditch--the one that swallows cars during heavy winter snows. This project will benefit the entire community--even those just passing through.

Fowler Road is also on the schedule for this year which is welcome news to that eager neighborhood which has been waiting patiently. Some pave-over repairs will be made to the rounded portion of Embury Ave. which is the section in front of Stoody Hall. Another pave-over repair will take place on Wesley Ave. to the west of Perry Ave. 

The Institute's road paving garu, Craig Bateman, explained the difficulty in trying to set up the extent of the road paving for the season when the price of the asphalt is never known until much closer to the time of paving. Mr. Bateman already has next year's paving needs mapped out and should the price of asphalt be unexpectedly low this year, perhaps an extra section of road, scheduled for next year, could be handled in this year's budget.

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