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Saturday, April 1, 2017

SLI Board Reaffirms Ames Avenue as Pedestrian Path; Will Restrict Parking

Representatives from the Silver Lake Experience 2017 Planning Committee proposed a parking restriction for Ames Ave. since current parking practices are discouraging the use of the well-established pedestrian path by community foot traffic. At this morning's first meeting of the 2017 season, an enthusiastic group of residents were thrilled to recall the days when walking to Epworth Hall was a safe and satisfying experience. 

Residents present were delighted to receive the recommendation that Ames Ave. have parking restricted at the very least during the SLE event, August 10-13, and hopefully also during the full summer season of July 1 through Labor Day. Permanently restricting parking off of Ames Ave. is another option to be considered. All present agreed that walking on Perry Ave. between Chapman and Genesee is a dangerous and sometimes tedious proposition.  

Although there were three votes against restricting parking in a recent poll published by this News.blog (currently located in the left-hand column), there were no residents present at today's regular meeting who spoke against the parking restriction. Signage for the August 10-13 event will be posted by the Logistics Section of the Planning Committee. Signage for the July 1 through Labor Day season will be proposed at an upcoming meeting, after neighbors have been notified.

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