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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SLE Registrations Online Work for Most, but Not Everyone; Don't Get Discouraged--We will Register You

This year's Silver Lake Experience 2017 Online Registration process, is not working as well as SLE 2015. Everything was in place and ready to go when the planning Committee was notified that the UNYAC Camp Registration Office had failed to activate our registration system. They explained that they had just discovered that the large number of SLE 2017 offerings (81 workshops) were simply too large for them to accommodate in their system.

Since it was too late for the SLE to invest in new software for this year's event, the Committee had to quickly and radically turn the registration process into a semi-manual, two-step procedure with telephone backup. The majority of our registrants were not experiencing difficulty with the online registration step, but some computers and online connections were not reading our updated encoding in the way it was intended, creating for some, missing and confusing information.

Even so, this story ends with a smile because the great people at SLE 2017 are making sure every single person wanting to register for SLE 2017 will be registered. If you are having difficulty with anything within this year's registration process, Sue Russell wants to hear from you! Call her at 585-237-5262 and she will provide tremendous help in completing your registration.

Additional help can be found at the Menu Tab "Experience 2017: S/L" or simply click HERE.

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