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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Resident Wants to Line 66 Feet of Ames Ave. with Petunias by July 1st; Board to First Settle Encroachment

Under New Business at Saturday's first 2017 meeting of the Trustees, President Bill Schaefer called on Greg Franklin for a two-part presentation. Rev. Franklin, speaking as a representative member of the SLE 2017 Planning Committee, explained that the Committee needs to ensure the safety and efficiency of getting people moved around at this Aug. 10-13 event. Therefore, the use of the Ames Ave. footpath seems essential to accomplish this.

Since parking on Ames has been interfering with, and discouraging, the free flow of foot traffic, they were requesting a restriction on parking at least during their August 10-13 event, although they hoped the Board would consider parking restrictions for the full summer season (July 1 through Labor Day), and even a more permanent restriction for the safety and benefit of year-round walkers. Very positive responses were received to the suggestions.

The second presentation, made as a resident, asking the board to accept a donation and for an opinion as to how to do it. Rev. Franklin wants to have multi-colored petunias planted along the east and west lines of Ames Ave. for the 66-feet length of his parallel property. After receiving positive responses, Greg then passed out partial copies of his property's survey which was done in July 2015.

He turned the Board's attention to Ames Ave., then asking the group to locate what was labeled as "fence" which was located about 6 feet into the Ames footpath. He inquired as to what he should do in relationship to the positioning of the flowers as it related to the encroachment of the fence into the road. At this point the Board indicated they wanted to get the fence removed from the road before the flowers would be planted. The Executive Committee would be contacting the mostly absent, out of state owner.

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