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Friday, April 28, 2017

Proposals Brought to Official Board Should Contain Funding Source
and Maintenance Plan

Ideas for developing, beautifying, or maintaining the SLI grounds can be expressed to the Board of Trustees in many different ways, but ultimately, the idea or proposal will need to be assigned to one of the Board's committees which deal with that area of concern. The News Blog is one way of getting an idea made public so it can be discussed by anyone with an interest in it either way (pro or con). Committees help to coordinate ideas to avoid duplication of ideas or efforts.

Committees also serve to provide the proper form that a proposal needs to be in to be submitted to the Board. There are two basic forms that an idea can be proposed to the Board. 

The First way to submit a proposal is in theory or in principle. In other words, does the Board go along with the idea as being an idea which fits SLI and the SLI grounds? Decisions by the Board made in theory or in principle do not impart authority to begin a project. 

The Second way to submit a proposal to the Board is a concrete proposal. In order to be a concrete proposal, it must contain at least five parts--(1) sufficient detail to answer most questions about it; (2) between one and three quotes for the cost of implementing and completing the project; (3) who will serve as project manager with authority to implement the plan and follow it to completion? (4) a source and/or plan for funding the project; and (5) a plan and/or funding for continuing maintenance.

Anything less than a concrete proposal is a recipe for ignored, unfinished and under-maintained projects. My preference is to utilize the committees for testing something in principle and always presenting the Board with concrete proposals.

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