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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Never Too Early to be Eager for
Silver Lake and the Summer

The brightest sunshine of many months came flooding into my living room window between 8 and 9 o'clock a.m. on this Saturday morning. The sun keeps rising more and more directly opposite my cottage. The thought crossed my mind that this type of morning is one much like those where I had to keep moving to make it time for breakfast at Stoody Hall. Looking through my other living room windows and seeing the last remnants of snow on the yellow cottage's roof over on Genesee also reminded me that it is still early in this year's season.

Looking around the room, I was drawn to the happy appearances of my Ivy and my Spider [plants] as they eagerly drank in the sunshine. Equally outstanding however, were the piles of papers related to this year's income tax preparation which will soon be over. No matter how eager I may be for the return of friends and neighbors in our closely knit artsy community, I have to admit there are still many preparations to be completed before July 1st. Reality often strikes even in the middle of some of the finest memories and day dreams. So ... it's back to work. See you all "soon"!

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