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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Just a Reminder and Appreciation for Those who Work behind the Scenes

Bill Schaefer reminded us in this Spring's Epworthian (SLI) Newsletter that the Trustee Board is made up of an all-volunteer force made up of all its committees when they gather together monthly for open and public meetings. These selfless folks are elected by the members of the Silver Lake Institute. The voting members are the property owners who have chosen to live in this unique "artsy" community and also those who have inherited property here. 

These are the committees that make up the Board and their chairpersons: Executive - Bill Schaefer; Finance - Pete Mairs; Grounds - Craig Bateman; Waterfront - open; Worship - Don Weaver; Program - Julie Hoffner; Legal - Pete Mairs; Stoody Hall - Linda Mairs/Kathy Schaefer; Epworth Hall - Sharon Pratt; Hoag Gallery - Linda Franke; Long Range Planning - Bob Cook.

Each Committee and each chairperson represents another group of volunteers who have agreed to care for the needs of the Institute covered by that committee. While chairpersons are Board members, committee members do not need to be Board members.

Trustee Board Non-Members provide valuable support for the Board: Bookkeepers - Schmidt & Volk Accountants LLC; Registrar - Kathy Gilner; Groundsman - Daniel Dake.


  1. Recap - the last few elections have not been a community vote do to the issues with our friends from UMCC. Positions have been filled using the term "For the best interest of the Institute community". Maybe this year we can actually have real nominations and real time elections, and not just friends, of friends or who current elected officials see fit. Maybe it is time to get rid of the "clicks"

  2. The SilverLakeNYNews.blog pledges to increase its coverage of the Nominations and Election process of the Silver Lake Institute in accordance with the Charter and By-Laws of the Institute's NYS Non-Profit Corporation. Any Institute property owner may seek to serve on the Board of Trustees by either (1) submitting his or her name to the Nominations Committee or (2) Nominating himself or herself "from the floor" of the Annual Meeting of the Property owners which is held on the second Saturday of July each year in Epworth Hall. Those wishing to be considered for nomination by the Nominations Committee should submit his or her request to silverlakeinstitute@frontier.com or SLI, POB 20, Silver Lake, NY 14549. This Blog also pledges to continue to carry the stories and concerns of all SLI residents and property owners.

  3. Words to work/and live by. Some are huge advocates of increased coverage, or "open book policy. Unfortunately the reality is not the same, but lets all "consider" it to be a possibility...

  4. May I be so bold as to ask what policy or procedure is taking place that is blocking our community from having a genuine open book policy? What is being done (or has been done) that was completed without some form of notice or input from others? I seek to stimulate conversation; my intention is never to stifle it.

  5. First of all, I thank you for your candid response. I have been president of the board for the past two years and my efforts to make the activities of the board transparent seem to have fallen short. Every year we have four vacancies on the board and this year is no different. Every year we welcome nominations of candidates who are willing to work with the community and work with the board to oversee the business of the Silver Lake Institute. We always welcome nominations prior to and at the annual cottage owners meetings. The membership of the board has always been at the discretion of the cottage owners through their votes. We are always looking for members of the institute to get involved both on the board and on committees. If you are so inclined to get involved, please contact me at 585-737-8522.
    On an additional note, I have been very very proud of the hard work and accomplishments of the SLI Board of Trustees. Many of them spend long hours making sure projects and issues are addressed so that the Institute runs smoothly and so that we maintain our 501C3 status. If anyone believes we have missed an important issue that needs to be addressed, again, please contact me and I will bring it to the board for the attention it deserves.
    Bill Schaefer


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