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Monday, April 24, 2017

Current Customers of the Silver Lake Water District will Automatically be Connected to New Water System

Silver Lake Water District customers received a "Newsletter" dated March 21, 2017, in their last water bill. It seemed to be explaining what water customers were going to have to do in order to be hooked into the new pressurized water system and it seemed to involve a whole new connection between the road right-of-way and our individual buildings, homes, or cottages. Something didn't seem quite right about that since we already had a water connection in good working order.

So it was time to place a call to our man, Jake Koch, of the Town of Castile Water/Sewer Department to see if he could provide clarity--which he did without hesitation nor confusion. Mr. Koch indicated that current customers probably should not have been sent that particular "Newsletter" because it was describing the procedures that new/future customers were going to have to do in order to begin receiving water service from the new system. 

As for the current water customers, there is nothing that we have to do in this process. We will begin receiving higher pressurized water when the system is completed and implemented without having to do anything. That means no applications, no white flags, no inspections, no running new pipe between the road right-of-way and the privately owned buildings. The only thing we need to be aware of is that our water will rush more forcefully through our pipes and into our sinks. It sounds like it will be possible to turn the value only part way open in order to get an adequate force of pressure with the new system.

Thank you, Town of Castile Board and Water Department! We are really looking forward to this! Any additional questions may also be directed to Jake Koch at (585) 727-2569.

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