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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

News Blog Looks to Expand Readership Through Interactive Participation

The newly-expanded SilverLakeNYNews.blog is beginning an advertising campaign to expand its readership by exposing its benefits to community residents. One of the first steps will be to participate in the Silver Lake Association's Bag Drop next month. The Bag Drop is distributed door to door throughout the Silver Lake community and contains the relevant information from each of the organizations and businesses contained therein. For the first time, the SilverLakeNYNews.blog will be a part of this.

SilverLakeNYNews.blog differs from most of the other area web sites because the News.blog exists as an independent entity owned by retired minister, Greg Franklin, who worked in newspaper publishing for eleven years before entering the Methodist Ministry where he served for over 30 years. When Rev. Greg retired, he first was asked to serve as Chaplain at the Silver Lake Institute, and then began a new "occupation" of blog publisher for several businesses and churches. When he completed his work with the businesses, he realized that, in addition to the Silver Lake Institute, he was interested in serving the wider Silver Lake Community.

Just like a newspaper, a news blog requires an interaction. Groups, individuals, and businesses within a community agree to support their local news media through supplying their media with relevant and timely news, events, photos, obituaries, classifieds, and even feature-type stories. The News Blog in return, agrees to provide the most comprehensive and timely coverage of all proper materials submitted by way of email, phone, or hand delivered. All parts of the News Blog will be provided free of charge with the only exception being that of advertising by regular profit-making businesses. The SilverLakeNYNews.blog looks forward to serving you!

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