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Friday, March 17, 2017

More Sun, Blue Skies Help Insure
Rapid Melting of Mid-March Snow

The Lake Community's full-fledged sunshine puts today's forecasted high at 37 for the South End and a forecasted high of 38 for the North End. The 10:00 a.m. temperature at the Institute is 30 degrees (F). If yesterday was any measure of what temperatures could be at the Institute, we could be looking at another 60 degrees today with full sunshine, and consistent melting. This melting of the snow is particularly welcome since the overnight forecast is for more snow.
11:55 am Friday 3-17-17:
Institute--37 degrees (F)
North End--33 degrees (F)
South End--34 degrees (F)
6:00 pm Friday 3-17-17
Snowmobilers had as much mud as snow
South End--back down to 35 degrees (F);
North End--back down to 37 degrees (F);
Institute--42 degrees (F)
Streets Clear of Snow; Mild Day
Snowmobilers had snow but also mud!

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