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Monday, March 27, 2017

Ken and Lisa Schiske have a Good
Reason named Tyler to be Proud

Tyler Schiske (on the right), with Chief Dewey Murrock, was named Pavilion's Firefighter of the Year, during the department's annual dinner at its Fire Hall on Saturday night. Tyler is the son of Ken and Lisa Schiske who are summer residents at SLI on Genesee Ave.
The Pavilion Volunteer Fire Department's officers for 2017 are: Dewey Murrock, chief, John Weis, 1st assistant chief, Donald Roblee, 2nd assistant chief, Tyler Schiske, Paul Dougherty, Wayne Taylor, captains, Mike Wright and Chad Freeman, lieutenants, Dough Wright, fire police captain, Bill Kegler and Dick Park, safety officers, and Dougherty, Schiske and Taylor are training officers.
The social officers are: Nick Wright, president, Paul Dougherty, vice president, Bill Carrigan, treasurer, Kathy Wright, recording secretary and Kelly Kraft, financial secretary.


  1. Thank you for your service, Tyler! Congratulations to the entire Schiske family!

  2. Thank you everyone! We are certainly proud of Tyler and ALL of his fellow firefighters!! These Pavilion men and all municipality firefighters are Volunteer and MUST Complete AT LEAST 200 hours yearly of mandated NYS training in order to enter a burning building. Ken and I really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for these fine gentlemen and women in our area!


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