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Saturday, March 18, 2017

North Lake Cams are Back in Service; More Cams Considered for Ames Ave.

Faithful watchers of the North Cams already know that the wide stretch of the upper mid-lake area has just returned to viewing service. A private company manages the North Cams and we had made sure they were aware of the outage which has now been eliminated. It is also our hope that the computer switch will result in a more powerful CPU to better accommodate two live streaming cams. Perhaps one day, cable will also contribute to better live action with the North Cams--at least we can hope.

Looking toward the future, a resident of Ames Ave. has offered his cottage as a computer station from which to receive three or four mid-Institute cams covering Ames Ave. north and south, highlighting Stoody Hall at one end and Epworth Hall at the other. This would be particularly useful should Ames Ave. be upgraded in some way to more fully accommodate walking traffic. This is still in the idea stage and has not yet sought Trustee advice and approval.

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