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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

30 Years, 10 to 12 feet of Sediment, Taxpayer Pleadings, and Millions of
Tax Dollars Paid, Keeps Falling
On Deaf Political Ears

For some Silver Lake taxpayers, their boating season has been cut in half. For an even larger number, water fun has been curtailed because of dangerous algae blooms. Still others have been cut off from the Lake itself because of a sediment buildup that prevents boats a passageway under bridges and through weeds.

The reverse is also true: lake boaters are prevented from traveling a beautiful and historical section of the Silver Lake Outlet because of the declining waterway. Old timers tell boating stories no longer available to the boating public of today!

Bill Maurer, Prentice Tract Director with the Silver Lake Association, tells Perry Town Supervisor, Jim Brick, in a letter dated this past December 5, 2016: 
"All 18 property lakefront owners in Prentice Tract (Lakeview Dr.) are on the east and south side of the bay at the north end of Silver Lake starting just north of the point extending to the outlet bridge on Walker road. All reside in the Town of Perry.
"Based on a topographical map of the lake dated 1985 which I have in my possession. the bay depth has decreased by up to 10 to 12 feet in some locations. Sediment flow into the bay has impacted our properties as follows:

"(1.) Shortens the boating season compared to the lake proper. (2.) Forces us to remove boats from lifts in August and September. (3.) Results in more frequent and severe algae blooms (some toxic). (4.) Subjects residents to objectionable odors from the water especially in times of algae blooms. (5.) Conditions make it difficult to sell lakefront properties. Some have been for sale for up to 5 years. (6.) The sediment and shallow water often encourages excessive weed growth both submerged and on the surface. (7.) Increases the risk of boat and motor damage. (8.) Lowered the true property values. (9.) Prevented any vessel traffic to the outlet bridge."

What does Bill want for the 18 properties that he represents? Simply to make the Year 2017 be the year that Silver Lake is put back in great and fully useful shape!

"On behalf of my tract," writes Bill, "I respectfully request that the local municipalities take immediate action to address the persistent sediment problem in Prentice tract. Suction dredging appears to be a suitable methodology to solve our persistent sediment issue and we hope, under your leadership, a way forward can be found. We stand ready with the SLA to ensure that this job is done within the New Year."

Although Bill speaks in terms of the Prentice Tract, we are all well aware of how much all boaters and lake property owners would benefit from this upgrading, and would ask the same of Supervisor Brick and each of the Lake Municipalities.

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