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Friday, September 30, 2016

Drug Enforcement Administration
To Collect Prescription Drugs

Research has shown that continuous
exposure to low levels of medications
has altered the behavior and
physiology of fish and aquatic life.
The federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will conduct a nationwide prescription drug collection on Saturday, October 22, 2016 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Collections will be held at many locations around New York and are the best way to dispose of unused and unwanted prescription drugs.

Collection locations in New York can be found on DEA’s National Take Back Initiative webpage.

For more information about drugs in water and DEC’s work to keep drugs out of our water, visit DEC’S Drugs in New York’s Waters webpage.

Additionally, the DEC reports that the NYS Drought continues and more algae bloom locations have been added in the past week, but not for Wyoming County.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Country Courier Declares:
Silver Lake Sailing Club Catching Wind

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 11:34 am | Updated: 2:01 pm, Wed Sep 28, 2016.
With fall officially here and a chill already in the air, most locals have likely abandoned the shores and waters of Silver Lake in favor of apple picking and hayrides. While it may be the end of the sailing season, Warsaw resident Jim Aker is using the time to plan something special for next year’s season: the return of the Silver Lake sailing club.

According to Aker, the sailing club -- and much local enthusiasm for the sport -- fell by the wayside back in 2005. However, he and other lakefront locals Mike Emerson and Tom Purcell are now resurrecting the club.

"The club goes way back, it's over 50 years old," Aker said. "The Lightning class was the class of boat on the lake back then, and back in 2005 was the last Harvest Regatta. Since then, everything's kind of fizzled out; people move and do other things, have other interests. But here we are today trying to build this thing back up. We're going into 2016-2017 with very minimal membership, but we want to make it grow."

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Have Your New Brick Installed
In Spring if You Order by Oct. 1

Last call for brick orders for this year. Bricks ordered by October 1st will be installed in the spring. Orders or questions should be submitted to Suzanne Bristow at weefellinn@aol.com.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

'Tons' of Great Food at 2nd Annual Family Cookoff Event Saturday at Stoody Hall

The cool, sun-shiny day was intensely warmed by the fun families enjoying spicy-warm home cooked delights. Apple cider and coffee were the two most popular drinks of the day! This year's atten-dance of 18 was down slightly from last year's 24 but group enthusiasm was high.

Many thanks to Linda Frank for organizing this year's great event. She even had fall flowers on the tables!

Please take part in our Survey because all input helps us to plan great events! Click on --> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KHDYCCY
DEC Report of 9/23/16:
Most of Western NYS remains under a drought warning, with the rest of the state under a drought watch. 

You can still do your part to save water: install water-saving plumbing fixtures. A low-flow shower head saves up to 7.5 gallons a minute. For more tips on conserving water, visit DEC’s Saving Water Makes Good Sense webpage.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Chaplain Reports Broad Range of
Speakers Enhanced the 2016 Season

Even before our separation from the Upper NY United Methodist Conference last February, our Worship Committee has been making a conscious effort to broaden the scope of our Sunday Morning Worship experiences. This is principally because our community is so diverse and we are seeking to offer meaningful spiritual experiences to as many as possible in our broad community.

This past July and August (2016 Season), we were fortunate enough to have our kickoff speaker at the Dock be a man of biblical dynamic, but also one who has studied and written in the field of WNY

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Long Range Planning calls for Each Committee to Describe its Functions to Avoid Duplication and Missed Opportunities

As part of its monthly report to the Board of Trustees, the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) wanted to suggest that they would be willing to re-write the SLI Rule Book now that the separation from the Church Conference is basically complete on our part. Part way through the discussion it was noted that the Legal Committee had been addressing the needs of an updated rule book, raising the question of whether or not LRPC could or should get involved. LRPC wanted to be helpful without "stepping on toes." That's when the discussion turned to what committees were charged with what exact responsibilities. 

The suggestion of having each committee define the perimeters of their work was given to the Board as part of the LRPC Report. Since the proposal was not presented in motion form, no action was taken on the suggestion by the full board. LRPC is welcome to put it in motion form at the October Board meeting, but if they hope to start helping with the Rule Book project before next Spring, they probably should take the shortcut method and simply ask the Chairperson of the Legal Committee if he is willing to accept their help. Since the Legal Committee is smaller than the LRPC, my guess is their help would not be turned down. (That's my educated guess as just a member of the Legal Committee--GF.)

Friday, September 16, 2016

DEC 9/16/16 Report: 'Drought in Effect
In NY State--Help Conserve Water'

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today reports that "Most of Western NYS remains under a drought warning, with the rest of the state under a drought watch. You can do your part to save water."
Do not waste water waiting for it to get hot or cold. Capture it for other uses such as plant watering or heat it on the stove or in a microwave, and keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator. For more tips on conserving water, visit DEC’s Saving Water Makes Good Sense webpage.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time to Get Your New Color Tee Shirt for Christmas and Other Gift Opportunities

The 2017 Silver Lake Experience Committee is selling t-shirts to raise money for the event. Shirts are $12 each and can be ordered by contacting Kathy Schaefer at 585-737-1094. Sizes are Youth S, M, L and Adult S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X Will be in (hopefully Columbus Day Weekend) in time for Christmas gifts!!!! Order between now and September 22nd.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sunset Watchers Got Taste of Fall Wednesday at the Dock

A northwesterly wind of 10 mph swept across the Silver Lake waters this evening where the air temperature began at 69F and very shortly after sunset hit 61F. The chill was much more pronounced than was the seeming "warmth" of the sunset colors.

Perry's First U.M. Church's 200th Anniversary Luncheon on Oct. 2
Now Open to All SLI Families

The First United Methodist Church of Perry NY is celebrating, in 2016, its 200th Anniversary of being a Perry-area congregation with a Bishop-appointed Pastor (1816-2016). An invitation was extended to the Silver Lake Institute to come join the celebration on October 2nd beginning with a Holy Communion Service at 11 a.m. followed by an Anniversary Luncheon. Since so many of the SLI Trustee Board and Committee Members are part time residents at the Institute and live considerable distances away on the off-season, the invitation has been extended to all SLI resident families which include year-round resident families.

Institute resident families should feel free to come to the 11:00 a.m. Service of Holy Communion which is served to all including children. Then the congregation would love to have you stay for the Anniversary Luncheon with the only caveat being that you RSVP the SLI Institute Chaplain who also serves on the Bicentennial Committee, so adequate preparations can be made for a delicious meal including Beef on Weck from the Charcoal Corral. RSVP can be made by telephone (585-444-7384, 585-689-9035) or by email (greg@silverlakeinstitute.org). If you are not available for church, you are still welcome to attend the Luncheon if you call in the number of persons planning to come no later than Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 5 p.m.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DEC Seeks Input on Lake Ontario Fisheries

September Meetings to Discuss Future Salmon, Trout and Alewife Management

The public will have the opportunity to learn about the status of Lake Ontario fisheries and provide input on future trout and salmon management at public meetings in Oswego, Niagara, and Monroe counties this September, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos announced today.

"Lake Ontario and its tributaries provide world-class angling opportunities," Commissioner Seggos said. "Under Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative, salmon and trout fishing in Lake Ontario have never been better. New York is committed to ensuring the ecological, recreational and economic benefits of Lake Ontario's sport fisheries are sustained for generations to come."

Monday, September 12, 2016

9/11 Attacks, Ensuing Tragedy Remembered in Worship at Perry First United Methodist

The fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 Event fell on a Sunday this year and was therefore utilized as the subject of the morning throughout the nation and including locally. 9/11 was respectfully recalled and some of the lessons learned by NY City residents, and the rest of the nation, about NYC's NYPD and NYFD which were cited as examples of loving and caring for one's neighbor. It was also noted that the event drove many through the doors of churches, synagogues, and mosques seeking prayer and comfort. One wonders if God might not prefer occasionally to be sought out to express thankfulness on good days as well as bad and tragic days.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thank You to Special Folks who assisted us in the Sunday Morning Worship Service and Coffee Hour. With their assistance our services and Coffee Hour went smoothly and enjoyed by all.

Dan  Dake 
Kathy Schaefer
Kathy and Ken Henig
Sharon Pratt
Julie Hoffner
Suzanne Bristow
Sue West

Blessings and Thank You.    Hugs  Joan and Ray Maddison

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday Afternoon Rain: Light, Moderate, Heavy--a Little of All Intensities

2:40 p.m. Thursday after the "on-going" rain :-)
Temperature-wise, Thursday is a tremendous relief to the 90-degrees of Wednesday; the air, however, is muggy. It needs to rain a lot longer to cool the well-heated earth down. After all, it's been an intense summer with 90 being quite common. After so much drought, it's actually fun watching the rain water playfully find it's way down and around  the newly paved roadway, taking with it, some stone and some soil.

The forecasted high is 83 but the temp is currently in the mid 70s. There is an 80% chance of continued precipitation and storms for the rest of today and overnight.

Update: Half hour later, rain stopped, sun shining.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SLI, with Long Ties to Perry Methodists,
will Be Invited to their Bicentennial
With Bishop Mark J. Webb, Oct. 2

1816 - 2016
The First United Methodist Church of Perry Bicentennial Committee has announced that letters of invitation will go out soon to area United Methodist Churches, the Asbury Camp & Retreat Center, and the Silver Lake Institute. The Invitation will be for both the 11:00 a.m. Communion Service and the Bicentennial Luncheon which follows, prepared by local business, The Charcoal Corral. 

Current Pastor
Ray Noell
Mark J. Webb
Ray Noell is current pastor of First UMC. Other pastors who will be invited to work with Bishop Webb in serving Holy Communion include (The Reverends) Harold Collier, Doug Wilson, Greg Franklin, Joanne Brocklehurst, Joanne Vineyard, and Wilson Jones. Of these, H. Collier, D. Wilson, G. Franklin and W. Jones served First United Methodist as pastor.

There is no cost to invited guests such as the Institute members and Asbury Camp, but Institute and Camp members planning to attend should R.S.V.P. to Bicentennial Committee member, Greg Franklin (585) 444-7384 or 689-9035 or greg.franklin.perry.ny@gmail.com NLT Sept. 20th. Car pooling is suggested but not necessary.

Trustee Board will Look at 2016
Season and Set Plans for 2017
This Saturday, 10 am at Hoag

The SLI Board of Trustees will do the traditional overview evaluation this Saturday (9/10) of the 2016 Season through its Committee reports, beginning at 10 am in Hoag Meeting Room. It will also make note of the Committees' various recommendations of needs and preferences for next Season. Epworth Hall will receive some attention by both the Epworth Committee and the Long-Range Planning Committee. It's current needs include a new roof, review of the foundation, altering some of the drainage so water will be directed around and away from the building and down the hill. Grant money will be discussed, as time permits. Money is now in hand for the new sound system--thanks to the Eric Kelly Benefit Concert last Friday.

Next Season will include "our Second Mini-Chautauqua," known also as the Silver Lake Experience slated for August 10-13, 2017. The last Experience was very successful and it is anticipated that this one will be even bigger and better since people now will more fully understand the great programming that is involved. As the Fall progresses, much more information will become available on this 4 day event. Sunday, the last day of the event, will include hot dogs after church and a free Big Band concert in the afternoon.

Call: 844.788.2485
Or Click on: 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Photos Received, Published

  • 2 pictures added to Adult Wheels Parade story.  
  • 1 picture added to Closing Worship Service story.
  • 2 pictures added to Last Two Hosts of Breakfast Cafe story.
  • 1 picture of an August Dessert at the Dock Sunset.
  • 1 picture in a Thank You for the Silent Auction.

Sept. 6, 2016

Dear SLI Worship Committee friends,

How do I begin to thank you for the beautiful recognition on Sunday. You are all such special friends and I thank you for your support and encourage-ment over the years. Thank you for your kind words and for the beautiful flowers. You all will always be close to my heart.

Thanks again ~
Love, Julie

Monday, September 5, 2016

Word of Thanks . . .

A big thanks to Terry Niedzalek and her team 
for an amazing 2016 Silent Auction. They 
raised over $3500 for the Park and for Stoody Hall.

One of the Last Desserts on the Dock
At Sunset for the 2016 Season

Season's Last Two Breakfast Cafes

Loren and Bruce Penman with their friend Abby, pictured above, hosted the final Saturday Morning Cafe for the 2016 Season. 

The Stoody Hall Committee would like to thank all the families who hosted the Saturday Morning Cafe for the 2016 Season. The food was delicious and the sense of community was priceless. We hope everyone enjoyed the season. If anyone would like to host a Saturday Morning Cafe in 2017, please contact Kathy Schaefer (585-737-1094) to reserve a spot. Several spots are already taken!
Saturday Morning hosts August 27th--
Kevin Colburn, Carmita Friere, Barb and Jim Aker

Sunday, September 4, 2016

SLI's First Adult Wheels Parade a Big Success; Many Thanks to Chuck Dusel

Not to be outdone by the Season-opening Bicycle Parade for the children, this year, Chuck Dusel planned and conducted a new Season-closing Adult Wheels Parade for all adults with decorated gulf carts, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Super great job, Chuck!

If the collage above is blank, click anywhere in the blank space.

Unique Hymn Sing Experience by Worship Committee Draws 65 Adults, 8 Children

The Worship Committee has been collecting favorite hymns from those who have been in the Worship Services during the month of August. A portion of those hymns have been written into a very brief history of the Institute that was shared in this morning's service by Suzanne Bristow and Don Weaver, members of the Committee. That special will be surrounded, before and after, by other hymns also chosen by the people.

Although it would be impossible to fit all the hymn choices into a one hour service, we used as many as possible to fill out our worship time. Julie Hoffner was recognized for her 47 years of service on the Worship Service keyboard, having started, she joked, at age two. Pete Mairs birthday was recognized for yesterday and the Weavers 60th Wedding Anniversary was this past Thursday. The Service was followed by the traditional Hot Dog Fellowship and delicious sweets by Joan Maddison.
Suzanne Bristow (left) and Don Weaver (right) take us through a brief history of the Institute utilizing choice hymns to highlight the particular event in Institute history.

Above is a wide angle shot of the closing worship service with closing gavel ceremony. The food and refreshment area is on the left, most of the people who came to enjoy the experience are in the center, and the Blue Dock is on the right with Chaplain Greg standing at the podium leading the opening and closing sections of the Service.

Just before Billl Schaefer graveled the Season to a close. From left to right -- Don Weaver, Greg Franklin, Julie Hoffner, Suzanne Bristow, and Joan Maddison who presented the bouquet to Julie in recognition of her 47 years as SLI Worship Service Accompanist.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Leaving Silver Lake for the 'Off Season'? Don't forget . . .

For those of our residents who will be away for most of the next nine months, please remember to stock up on your Winter postal supplies (including Christmas postage stamps) from our Silver Lake Post Office. The SLPO has sales minimums to keep up which justify keeping the SLPO open here at Silver Lake. Purchasing of postage is one of the prime ways of accomplishing that. Mailing packages is of course another. Support keeping our SLPO open by patronizing it as much as possible.

Epworth Committee will Take 'Roof Project' to the Trustees next Saturday, 9/10, at 10 am

Epworth Hall as seen from the
side and back (south and east).
Following the Season's last Breakfast Cafe this morning, the Epworth Committee met to evaluate the status of the indoor and outdoor sound systems, keyboard, the Epworth roof, foundation, and drainage. The committee will ask the Trustees for permission to do a limited capital funds drive to correct some urgently needed repairs and improvements at Epworth before the building or its foundation is damaged. More information will become available once the Trustees hear from the Epworth Committee at their next regularly scheduled meeting, Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016, at 10 am, at the Hoag Meeting Room. Property owners are welcome at all Trustee meetings.

Hoag Display Does Foxprowl Collectibles

Hoag Art Museum's last show of the season dealt with such names and collectibles from Pokemon, Lego, DC, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I.Joe, Ghost Busters, Kiss, WWF, Marvel, and others. These one-of-a-kind items involved comics, toys, pop culture, and more. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Season's Last Breakfast Cafe Serves
Hot Meal on a Very Cool Morning

Stoody Memorial Hall
at 20 Embury Avenue
An almost steady stream of Silver Lake residents, friends and family came through Stoody Hall this morning for a hot breakfast including French Toast, Sausage, Fried Potatoes, Fresh Fruit, small chocolate donuts, Yogurt, nuts, and a variety of breakfast drinks. All this mixed with smiling faces and good conversation. When all was said and done, not many left overs remained. The Epworth Committee met following breakfast to prepare a report for next Saturday's Trustee Board meeting (9/10/16) while many others prepared to attend Hoag Art Museum's special show this afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m.

Friday, September 2, 2016

157 Adults, 7 Children Came Out for the
Kelly Family & Friends Closing Concert; $1900+ Collected for New Sound System

For the second night in a row, the Epworth lawn began to fill early for this long and eagerly anticipated concert by the Kelly Family and Friends. The cost of the concert was born by Kelly's Old Timers Band who are dynamically concerned that Epworth Hall get a big upgrade in its sound system, to go along with its upgrade in stage lighting donated by the Metropolitan Opera last year and new seating donated this year by the Kraft Family in Memory of Lorraine Kraft.

Eric Kelly was featured center stage, with his daughter Elise to the audience's right and good friend, Guy Macaluso, to the audience's left. Val Kelly took to the stage to provide additional harmonies to several songs with her husband and daughter. Two other Eric Kelly friends were part of the band--one on drums and one on their sound system's control panel. John and Mara Rooney controlled lighting and provided fresh popped and buttered pop corn and water for the intermission. Also during intermission, Julie Hoffner was recognized and thanked for her long hours of work on the Program Committee by Silver Lake Institute President, Bill Schaefer. CDs were available for purchase after the concert.

House and Stage lights were dimmed for the closing number which was a recording made by Eric Kelly of his father, Roger, singing "Good Night." Although very beautiful and precious, it was also captivatingly sad because of Roger's passing last December; nevertheless a most appropriate closing.

102 Adults, 2 Children Come to Hear
The Last Ever Concert of Pianorama

The Epworth "parking lot" lawn began filling up early this evening, and soon it became necessary to start adding chairs from the side rooms into the center hall. It was an inspirational sight, particularly because Pianorama, in this last performance, became only the second Thursday concert this year to break the 100 mark for attendance--the other being the Old Hippies who drew 112 Adults and 7 Children. The aura of sadness over Pianorama's final performance was overcome by the pure joy of these three people--on three different keyboards--playing the colorful and melodious music of the love of Christ and our joining with him in a soon-sounding future. Pianorama became a Western New York band in 1996 and has consistently performed at Epworth Hall for 20 years. Applause was plentiful throughout this historic event.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Project Linus: Club Does
Amazing Work Each Season

On August 29th some of the members of the Silver lake piecemakers delivered 42 hand made quilts and fleece blankets to Lucille Arthmann co-ordinator of the Rochester chapter of Project Linus.  

The women meet on Wednesdays at the Hoag museum to work on this worth while project. Next summer will meet again on Wednesday from 9:30 until 12:30 during July and August. Everyone is encouraged to come and help. No quilting experience is necessary. 

SLI 2016 Season
Making its Exit this Week
with a Series of Big 'Bangs'

Epworth Hall at 7:30 pm

Epworth at 7:30 pm

Stoody Hall from 8-10 am

SATURDAY 9/3 -- ART SALE -- Comics, Toys, Pop Culture, More!
Hoag Art Gallery 2-5 PM

10:30 am Start; Hot Dog Fellowship Follows

Hoag Art Gallery 1:00 pm

Lakeview & Wesley Avenues 3:00 pm

Stoody Hall at time TBA