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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Day of March will Take its
Leave as a Relatively Mild Lamb

This 3-30-16 picture taken earlier in the day, shows a beautifully mild day
whose temperature was still 67 F at 5:45 p.m.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Just 4 Weeks and 2 Days to May 1 Deadline for
Mid-July Lakewide Comprehensive Yard Sale

The Silver Lake Association and the Silver Lake Institute are teaming up to designate one week-end this summer for lake-wide yard/garage sales. Titled “Pickers’ Passport to Paradise,” this two-day event will be advertised locally and regionally at no expense to individual cottage owners! Bonnie Bright, Julie Hoffner, Karen Norton and Loren Penman are working together to create a comprehensive list of participants whose addresses will be arranged by tract for customers’ ease of finding the sales. This is a great opportunity for neighbors to work together (for example, a “Christmas in July” display or a “necessities for lake living” compilation), so get creative — and put these dates on your calendar: 
FRIDAY & SATURDAY, JULY 15 & 16, 2016 - 9 AM - 3 PM

If you’d like your address included on the
comprehensive list of participants, please email it by
May1st to:
or send a note to:  P.O. Box 281, Silver Lake, NY 14549 [lp]

My Franchise Tax/Fee Finally Arrived
On the 9th Day After its Postmark

by Greg Franklin
There were no extra postal stamps or markings indicating that my SLI Tax/Fee bill had taken any detour, so the evidence shows that it apparently was postmarked in Rochester, NY, on the 18th of March and arrived in my Silver Lake Postal Box on the 26th of March which is the 9th day from its being sent from Perry, NY. Since it is only a one hour drive to the city, my bill along with at least 3 others, must have sat in one or more postal offices--14530, 14692, and/or 14549. I am left to wonder how this mechanized delivery compares to the days of old when letters were hand canceled and the Pony Express ran its routes through the dirt roads of Western New York.

Actually, I feel rather lucky. Last year there were several Franchise Tax/Fee bills that never did show up, while others were 4 or more weeks later in the delivery process. Is it any wonder why so many have converted over to email in place of postal delivery? Whether true or not, it certainly seems that as the price of a stamp increased, so did the delivery time.

You may wonder why I changed my "vote" (on the poll above) from "did not receive yet" to "wrong address after 3/21." Even though there is no record on the envelop of my bill having transferred around, it did in fact have an incorrect zip code on it--14526 (Penfield); but even a 1 day stop over in Penfield still doesn't account for 9 days. On this day before Easter Sunday, it seems appropriate to note that it took Jesus Christ only 3 days to be raised from the dead; one would think a letter could be received in the same amount of time (if not sooner)!

Friday, March 25, 2016

The More One Learns About
2016 Event Calendar, the More
Anxious One Gets for the Summer

This upcoming 2016 Season is packed with opportunities to supplement your Summer fun and cultural enjoyment. Some are geared for the General Public while others have been tailored to the Residents of SLI. In order the keep things in order and less confusing, it was decided to issue two Event Calendars instead of one. The first is for the General Public and can be accessed by the Click Link above, while the second Resident-Only Event Calendar was sent out by way of First Class U.S. Postal Mail in the same envelop as your April Franchise Tax/Fee Bill. Post this Resident-Only calendar in your cottage since it is not currently planned to be published here in the Blog.

All events, however, both public and residential, will be published on the Blog in the week in which they occur and will be clearly stated as to whom they are being offered. For example, our residential-only swimming is changing locations this year. The Institute will not be sponsoring a lifeguard at the Lake, but will be providing a lifeguard at the Asbury Pool in conjunction with the Asbury administration. Swimming has always been--and will continue to be--a residential event only. Residents and their families are welcome to take part in this "almost every weekend" event. This is absolutely not open to the public because of very strict insurance and NYS regulations on pools. The lifeguard's word is law since the lifeguard is responsible for keeping the rules. [gf]

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First SLI Trustee Board Meeting of the
2016 Season is Slated for April 9th
at 10 am, Hoag Meeting Room

Alternate Location in Case
of Cold Weather is the 'Shop'
at 46 Wesley corner Janes Ave.

Even though this year's Winter was relatively mild when compared to last year's "Snow Maze," it still has us ready for the warm breezes of Spring and Summer. Monday we received 3 blasts of blizzard-like snow, each immediately followed by bright sunshine which began melting it almost instantly. So it goes for March when "Old Man Winter" is hanging on by his fingernails and "Maid Spring" will ultimately be victorious over him very soon.

As always, Board Meetings are open meetings and residents are always welcome to join in the fun and challenges of administrative work. There is always a time when residents' concerns are heard, so it is a two-way conversation more often than not. This will be the first full meeting of the Board since the SLI's official legal separation from the UNY Annual Conference. We are now our own non-profit corporation. Along with maintenance of the grounds, our non-profit charter purposes remain the same -- Educational, Cultural, Historical, Recreational, and Spiritual. See you Saturday, April 9th!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Institute Tax Bills for 2016
Were Mailed Last Week

Updated 3/23/16
I ran into another Institute resident on Sunday who reported that she had received her Institute Tax Bill, even though it went to an old address. I wondered audibly that they had gone out this early and that I had not received a Tax Bill yet at neither my new Institute address nor my old address from last September. I should note that I sent a change of address directly to Schmidt & Volk in early October so I would have the Bill along with everyone else. Bill Schaefer has assured me that the bills did, in fact, go out and we appreciate the work he put into this year's accuracy in the mailing.

The Tax Bills are posted with First Class Postage which used to mean second or third day delivery. With the Post Office experiencing a dramatic drop in letter size mail, it appears that their emphasis is now on packages and "Priority" mail. According to this pattern, anyone expecting a First Class mailing will no longer be able to look for a delivery within days, but now a matter of a week and possibly more. It still beats Pony Express but with all that expensive equipment for sorting and canceling, we sure had hoped it would increase efficiency rather than decrease it.

PLEASE NOTE: This year, Tax Payments, Marina Lease Payments, and Waterfront Lease Payments including any change of addresses for where the bill should be sent, go directly to Schmidt & Volk CPA's, PC, Attn: Alicia, at 199 South Main St., Perry, NY 14530 (Email: alicia@schmidtandvolk.com). With our new independent status as non-profit (as opposed to church-related), the reporting requirements are much more detailed and demanding. Our professional accounting firm will help to keep our financial records in perfect form.
Later Sunday Afternoon
Bright Sunshine with folks in Burt Park with 37-45 Degrees F taken at 4:46 pm

Early Sunday Morning Fisherman
3/21/16 --Temperature in the Teens; photo by Inga Songbird

Friday, March 18, 2016

Written by Bob Cook; Photos, Layout by Greg Franklin

Do you know the history of your cottage? Send it to:
and we will take pictures and highlight it on the Blog
Signs of Spring
Photo by Inga

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Summer Event Calendar
for 2016 Released Today

To view it, click on the link above.

Taken at 7:12 pm and 53 degrees F

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SLI Chaplain Spoke on 'Faith in a Post-Christian World' March 13 at Perry First U.M. Church

Silver Lake Chaplain, (the Rev.) Greg Franklin was invited to speak at the local United Methodist Church in Perry this month. As his topic, he chose to present one of the issues that he feels is at least partially responsible for the Millennial Generation rejecting the usefulness of the church in their daily lives--the Bible in its totality. Some denominations claim "the infallibility of the Bible" which flies in the face of modern Science. Rev. Franklin spoke about the Scriptures as containing "all that is necessary for faith and practice" since the Scriptures "contain the Word of God" as opposed to every word of the Scriptures being God's Word.

I reject the concept of such passages stating that the Earth was created in seven days approximately 6,000 years ago. I also reject the concept of such passages that claim that the earth was created flat, held up by four strong pillars "above the waters of the deep," although the beauty of the descriptions are very inspirational and therefore useful in the enhancement of faith. I reject the concept of the Biblical idea that the transparent firmament holds the waters described as being "above the earth" and that the stars play a valve-type role in releasing the rain water to the earth. I also reject the Biblical idea that the Sun travels around the earth making the Earth the center of the Universe.

When we do not make these premises clear to our children, when they are introduced to Science in the High School and College curriculums, they begin to feel lied to about God and all that God stands for--which is extremely unfortunate and totally unnecessary. God has created everything in the Universe and on earth, but not necessarily as the Bible, in its context, has described it. Chaplain Greg's message was very well received.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Please Help Us Serve Our Community this Summer!

Check the Schedule in the left-hand column and let us know 
which weeks you are available to give us a hand in serving

Warm Summer Sunny Days approaching and help is needed for the Sunday Coffee Hour following Service. Two additonal people are needed to serve with Joan and Ray Maddison. If interested please call Joan Maddison at 585-237-5495.

Blessings  Joan and Ray

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Don Weaver Making
Good Progress in Healing

Hi all! -- My leg has healed to the point I no longer need to wear the Immobilizer.  I can begin to put weight on the leg and only have to wear a knee brace.  I can bend it some.  For safety sake I am to use crutches.  Tomorrow I start physical therapy. No driving yet.  In a month I go in again to see if all restrictions are lifted.  What a relief to be more mobile.

Thanks for all your concern and well wishes.  I appreciate all the good care given by Barb, the family, friends and the medical staff at Excelsior Orthopedics. have given me.  -- Don W.

Gorgeous Day at 67 F (4pm) Hints at Spring;
First SLI Meeting April 9 at SLI Garage

Taken at 5:24 pm Tuesday 3-8-16